S-72 YOF Mobil Palet Çemberleme Makinesi
  • Palet Çemberleme Makinesi,

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    12mm polyester çember veya plastik çember ile çalışır.

                                              S-72YO MOBİL PALET ÇEMBERLEME MAKİNASI

                                            Pallet Side Seal Strapping Machine with Fixed track


Mobile Side Seal Strapping Machine for Pallet.with Fixed Track


Ideal design for packages on pallet
Plug in and workable for everywhere, movable with casters.
Depends on your request, PP and PET strap are both workable.
  • Proximity cam switch

  • Auxiliary feeding device

  • Low sealing head (550mm)

  • Weld cooling time adjustable

  • Fixed track for pallet strapping

  • PP/PET switch: to change the setting by one switch

  • Digital regulator in PCB which LED shows I/O status
  • Options

  • Ø406 Dispense

Strap width (mm) 9,12,15 specified
Tension range 15~70kgs
Motor AC
Sealing method Heating element
Power supply 110/220/230/240V, 50/60Hz, 1PH
Power consumption (kw) 0.95
Layout dimension
(L x W x Hmm)
1005 x 765 x 1120

*Specification subject to change without notice


Ürün Adı : S-72 YOF Mobil Palet Çemberleme Makinesi